Peggy Gardner's newest book, Clio in the Crossfire, the long-awaited sequel to Clio at War, can be bought on Amazon.


The Land Trilogy

In this young adult trilogy, Jenny must pit her wits and skills against a cabal of fanatics who take underage girls as brides in “celestial marriages for eternity.”


Land of Nod

Werewolves, zombies, and vampires don’t frighten fifteen-year-old Jenny Hatchet. A new polygamous stepfather, Gomer Obadiah Darken, who has tricked her mother into marriage, terrifies her.

Land of the Bong Tree

When fifteen-year-old Jenny Hatchet escapes from a forced “Celestial Marriage” in the Land of Nod, she finds temporary refuge on a reservation with the eccentric and charming Earnshaw family.

Land of Lyonesse

Nightmarish events unfold after finding temporary safety on a nearby Native American reservation. Jenny Hatchet must test her wits and her courage again when she faces a murderer and a rapist.

The dark and twisted past of her ancestor, Octavius Wolfe, ensnares his only living descendant in a web of century-old murders. Isabella Wolfe is desperate to discover the link between recent deaths and the hasty burial of two young girls in her family cemetery.

Peggy Gardner began her career as a journalist, gained a PhD in and taught English Literature, managed medical education, clinics and research for a major hospital, and has traveled extensively with her husband, daughter, and son. She currently resides in Oregon for the incomparable splendor of its coast.

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